hi everyone , its my first english article.

first of all, my english writing is always bad, because that, if i write bad , dont swear me and sing me tune. thanks.

i think i dont deserve anything. sometimes world direct me think that. i dont know but may be the world is right.

so far, nobody liked me at the first impression. dont think the relationship of love. its in everything.

for example , when i came to turkey and i went to high school. 1 week nobody talked to me except the other came new students bilge and barış and ahmet. but ahmet only said ‘you are smelling soo tangy cigaratte’. and i said ‘oh my god how?’. 

the following week, i was trying to sleep in idle class mert came. he said ‘you are looking lonely and its my coming reason’.  and two girls sits on front of me said to mert ‘congrats to you , the boy was lonely for 1 week and you came now. its better than the others’. and i said ‘why didnt you come?’

i dont know why i told that story but i know the main idea. i was outspoken. what i am thinking i was say. because of that at the first no one wants to be my friend.

for ages, i dont care, so i did nothing. i am still dont care but i learned something. when i did nothing,  the world not deserve me anything.

i want to win a thing.

never mind.

i dont deserve .



‘it happens again. when i want to write something. i cant write or the subject comes to your eyes’

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