Enes Şahin
bir şey anlamaya veya öğrenmeye geldiysen gidebilirsin. burada kendi kendime takılıyorum.


hey, i am writing that article in english because you know the reason.


i see a white paper and i wanted write it black, no colors any more. do not worry, just kidding.


i accepted everything, all my life i tricked myself. the hole my life gone like that. i have to accept it, i have no other choice except that. why i am using word ‘that’. because that.


i said ‘it is true, this is me and without my effort nothing gonna change, with my effort is same’. i can not say anything. but only i can say : “i do not deserve anything


it is what it is”


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2 Responses

  1. 🍊 dedi ki:

    everyone deserves, the point is what they deserve, when they deserve. Maybe you are missing the things you deserve.

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